We help companies to reach goals



Create awareness about the current focus areas and set clear targets for the employees, so they know what’s expected of them. Present the results in a simple and nice way and follow the development in real time on all platforms.

  • Amazing coaching tool for personal growth
  • Shift focus in real time and not when its too late

Sales competitions

It’s never been easier to create motivating sales competitions where you engage all participants based on their own qualifications. The entire organization can be up and running in no time and compete for the top positions.

  • Collect all competitions in one platform
  • Winners can easily choose their own prize in PushAppys shop
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Behavioural changes

By micro rewarding we manage to motivate employees to execute activities that is often forgotten or not a priority. We know that practicing brings skills and through gamification we make challenging activities into a fun part of everyday life.

  • Begin the journey towards positive behavioral changes
  • Work with personal development to create change
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Health competitions

Reward employees for every step they take, each workout or why not every vegetarian meal? Challenge the entire organization to focus on their well-being and by that creating a healthier workplace.

  • Embrace team work and build a healthier culture
  • Real time step competition via an integration with the health apps in your phone
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Prepare & Get started

Whether you want to start the journey towards positive behavioral changes, create a sales competition or measure the proactivity of your employees you can create a follow up easily!

    1. What do you want to measure?
    2. Who should participate?
    3. What are our goals?
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Engage & Develop

By micro-rewarding, employees are triggered to perform activities to take one step closer to their set goal. Coach each other and achieve a higher result together.

    • Log the activities in the app/web or clicker
    • Follow your own and your colleagues development
    • Real time follow up and coaching
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Celebrate & Follow up

Celebrate employees, teams and success! At the same time, use collected data for analysis and new insights as you follow the organizations development over time.

    • Reward and recognize achievements
    • Celebrate success
    • Evaluate
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The Game Changer

With our smart PushAppy clicker, you can track activities in a unique way that has never been possible before. Of course all in real time.

Choose a focus or a behavior that you want to create - every time the employee clicks they get micro-rewarded in points, which motivates them to perform the activity more often. We create awareness, focus and clarifies what actually is expected of the employee.



What our customers say


"PushAppy is a perfect link between HQ and the restaurants, we reach our golas in a clear and fun way for everybody, so you can easily say that we are (Push)Happy!"

William Engman

Business Developer, Bastard Burgers

"Increased results, happier customers & when I can´t stop looking at my computer a friday night to follow the result I can only agree with my colleague who said: Who needs Netflix when you got PushAppy?"

Anant Vithlani

Vice President Sales, Strawberry Hotels

"PushAppy helps us at Tele2 to increase commitment , reach higher results and to get more satisfied customers in our store chain. It´s fun for our employees to follow their and others´ results in real time, as well as it´s a good coaching tool for us leaders."

Kristoffer Lieberg

Sales Specialist

"Teamwork and a sense of everyone working towards the same goal. We have increased our result significantly since we started using PushAppy that helps us measure are most critical parts of our business"

Erik Edin

Restaurangägare, McDonalds

Real time - visual and simple

Log activity, follow your stats and climb the top list. Get push notifications when your colleagues reaches their set goal and celebrate each other´s successes.

Statistics page of the PushAppy mobile application